Personal Training In Portsmouth, Fareham, Hampshire.

Hi I’m Barbra, with over 20 years experience in Fitness and Motivation, I work with you to transform the way you feel and look.

Strength Conditioning, Weight Loss Planning & Training, Flexibility & Core, Exercise Therapy, Sports Specifics and Healthy Balanced Lifestyles.

I am a Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer and have worked for a UK leading gym, Hampshire running club organiser and indoor/outdoor fitness groups. A Mindset and Motivational Coach with talks on BBC radio and a ‘Men’s Health’ magazine column on Core and Abs Training.

I train people of all abilities from beginners to advanced for all round improved fitness, a healthier lifestyle and a positive mindset.

Get into Great Shape for your Special Day! Whatever the occasion, be ready to look your very best with your own personalised training plans.

Rick Lewis, Portsmouth, Jan 2023, “Barbra is knowledgeable and professional, always encouraging and positive. I have a training session with her every week, she challenges me to always progress and I heartily recommend her to anyone wanting to make positive change in their life”

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Barbra Light Personal Trainer in Portsmouth, Fareham, Hampshire.