Weight Loss

An experienced Weight Management and Behaviour Change Coach, I give you tailor made weight loss plans based on your own preferences and habits.

Diets do not work long term, dieters typically gain lost weight back and have a slower metabolism caused by muscle loss.

My approach is practical and simple, I incorporate all the elements you need for long term success into one package:

Personalised Eating Plans.

Fitness and Activity Plans.

Motivational Coaching.

Behaviour Change Coaching.

Get in touch to book your first session or ask a question with a call or email.

Call 01329 317094 or personaltraining@barbralight.co.uk.


Jim lost many stones on his Personalised Weight Loss and Fitness plan. I still see him for training and catch up sessions. Through his commitment to staying healthy Jim stays in great shape.

Congratulations Jim!


I first met Andrea 6 weeks after the birth of her first baby. Another 2 babies later and Andrea is still committed to looking and feeling in great shape, this gives her the energy for her growing family and for herself.

Well Done Andrea!