Motivational Coaching

I trained in Motivational and Transformational Coaching with the London Coaching Academy and with Future Fit Training UK in the Psychology of Behaviour Change.

I have worked with many clients at a top health and fitness club and for 15 years at my PT studio and with clients in their homes..

If you find getting and staying motivated difficult to achieve and maintain, I will show you how to stay focused and achieve positive results.

I work with you helping you to become more aware of your motives and choices and why you may self sabotage. We look at why you may eat more during stressful times and look at alternative strategies and more positive ways of coping.

Do you keep starting another diet or paying for gym membership and not going?

Do you recognise the following:

“Ive blown it now so I will start again tomorrow or on Monday etc. ”

“I don’t have any willpower”

“I just cant keep the motivation going”

“Lets just get the holiday, Christmas, my birthday, out of the way”

“I’m too busy, Ive got too much to do, I haven’t got the time”


My experience is built on years of working with people who find staying on track challenging and difficult when life is busy and there is so much else to do.

You can call me on 01329 317094.

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I have real solutions for you. Straight talking, realistic, common sense and no gimmicks, no diets, no false promises!

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