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Barbra Light Personal Trainer   Portsmouth Fareham Havant Hampshire

Your Fitness, Fat Loss and Motivation

Hi I’m Barbra, I help people like you make positive and lasting changes with my personalised, tailor made fitness and weight loss programmes designed specifically just for You.

My professional guidance, planning, advice and complete support is focused on you to ensure you achieve the outcomes you want. This has been the focus of my career working with men and women of all ages.

It was great to be featured in the leading fitness magazine ‘Men’s Health’ when I was asked to write an article on core and abdominal training styles and create new alternatives for readers to use.

I am a Motivational Coach and Speaker with 16 years experience, I have been invited onto BBC radio several times to talk about Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyles and Running for Fitness.

As your Fitness and Wellbeing Coach I get you into great shape showing you how to achieve the best physique, increase your fitness levels and improve your health.

Challenging effective workouts, motivational coaching, fat loss and nutritional advice, home training plans and my ongoing guidance and encouragement are all part of your sessions which take place in a supportive and positive space.

I specialise in the Psychology of Behaviour Change. Step by step I show you how to cope better and succeed with eating during stressful times, how to maintain your motivation and feel an increased sense of control and self belief.

Meet me at my one to one training studio. We can also train at my outside space or in your home.

You can call me now on: 01329 317094  and email me at


‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’



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Effective, challenging training sessions are custom made for you. Be inspired and learn a lot in the process. Lose body fat and increase lean muscle with your own personal eating plans plus lots of motivation and all included in your 1 hour training sessions.


Fat Loss

Dieting causes muscle loss and a slower metabolism! You need to fuel your body for energy with good nutrition and lots of the right foods. Your personalised eating plans will give you everything you need plus allow you your favourite things too!


PT Studio

Meet me at my One to One well equipped PT studio located just off the M27 & A27 between Fareham & Port Solent or train in your home or at my outdoor space.. I will bring everything required. Whether it’s the PT studio or your home, it’s results all the way!